Waxing Services| St. Catharines

Waxing Services| St. Catharines

We offer services for waxing! We have amazing ladies who would love to help you out!

Brow Waxing 12$

Upper Lip Waxing 7$

Chin & Neck Waxing 7$

Cheek Waxing 7$

Full Face Waxing 20$

Brow Waxing

Underarm Waxing 20$

Arm Waxing Half 20$ Full 30$

Leg Waxing Half 35$ Full 50$

Back and Torso Waxing 40$-50$

Bikini Basic Waxing 20$

Bikini Full Waxing 30$

Bikini Men Waxing 30$

Back or Legs Waxing 60$

Full Body Waxing 100$-130$

We offer mobile services to St.Catharines and the surrounding areas!

Contact us today: estheticiansinc@gmail.com