About the National Association of Estheticians

The National Association of Estheticians (NAE) established in 2019 in St. Catharines, Ontario. The beauty school provides the best training courses by using online and practical learning. Some of our courses have reached Guelph, Kitchener, Burlington, Hamilton, St. Catharines, Toronto & Niagara Falls. Private learning, online, workshops and small group options are available. Our network has graduated over 150 students who have become beauticians. We offer hands on certifications and online beauty certifications.

Our beauty course curriculum include: Hair extension training, eyelash extension training, microblading training, eyebrow lamination, lift and tint training, microdermabrasion training, facial training, waxing training, sugaring training, eyelash lift and tint training, spray tan training, marketing training, makeup application training, nail technician training, manicure training and eyebrow threading training.

Meet The Director

NAE is a beauty corporation run by Kalleigh Sharp a fempreneur and industry experts who provide training and esthetic services.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do."

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Online Learning

We use online learning for theory, business development, ethics, professionalism, client documents, anatomy, marketing, tips and tricks, beauty trends, pre and post care, health and safety. The Health Protection and Promotion Act,  key terms, practice questions and exam are provided. Once students have passed the online exam, they move on to booking a practical learning session. 

Practical Learning

We provide practical learning at 255 Church St., St. Catharines, privately or in a small group workshop.


We have over 20 amazing beauty courses available!
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The National Association of Estheticians provides the best beauty training courses by using online and practical learning.

2023 Beauty Course Curriculum

Eyelash Courses

  • Classic Eyelash Extension Training $799
  • Volume Eyelash Extension ad on Training $300
  • Master Eyelash Extension (classic and volume) Training $999
  • Lash Lift Training $499
  • Lash Lift Training (online) $499
  • Master Lash Artist $1399

Hair Extension Courses

  • Fusion Hair Extension Training $499
  • Microlink & Nanolink Extension Training $499
  • Tape in Hair extension Training $499
  • Braid in Hair Extensions Training $499
  • Weft Hair Extensions Training $99
  • Master Hair Extension (Tape in, Nano & Fusion) Training $999
  • Camille's Master Hair Extension (locs, braid, weave) Training $999
  • Grand Master Hair Extensions Training $1999

Skin, Nails & Teeth Courses

  • Microdermabrasion Training $599
  • Microdermabrasion training (online) $599
  • Spray Tan Training $999
  • Teeth Whitening Training  $799
  • Teeth Whitening Training (online) $799
  • Makeup Artist Beginner $699
  • Makeup Artist Advanced $1999
  • Facial Artist Training $699
  • Basic Nail Technician $699
  • Master Nail Technician $999
  • Grand Master Nail Technician $1999

Hair Removal Courses

  • Sugaring Basic Body Training $599
  • Sugaring on Men Brazilian Training $100
  • Women Brazilian Sugaring Training $199
  • Grand Master Sugaring Training $899
  • Waxing Basic Body Training $499
  • Bikini Waxing Training $100

Eyebrow Courses

  • Eyebrow Mapping Training $99
  • Microblading Training $1399
  • Brow Lamination Training $499
  • Brow Lamination Training (online) $499
  • Brow Tint Training $499
  • Brow Tint Training (online) $499
  • Brow Lamination, Lift and Tint $599
  • Brow Lamination, Lift and Tint (online) $599
  • Eyebrow Threading Training $299
  • Brow Waxing & Shaping $299
  • Brow Waxing & Shaping (online) $299
  • Master Eyebrow Training $1999

Other Courses

  • Modeling Training $699
  • Entrepreneurship online PDF $99
  • Entrepreneurship online + 1-on-1 $299
  • Entrepreneurship private $399

Withdraw and Refund Policy

The total refund amount, should you choose to withdraw from the program is based on the total amount of training the student has left to complete. The refund policy is as follows:

A full refund is provided if the student has not begun the online training and is within one week of the registration date.

A fifty percent refund of the subtotal is provided for students who have completed their online training, but do not wish to continue with practical training.

No refund is provided after 2 weeks since registration date.

No refund is provided for students who have completed their online and practical training.

A refund questionnaire is issued on refunds of $500 value or more.


The National Association of Estheticians