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Cosmetic Nurse Injector Jess

Welcome Cosmetic Nurse Injector Jessica! 

Nurse Jess @injectorjess_ enhances natural beauty and restores a youthful glow. She has amazinggg before & after results! Clean skin & smile 

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NV Beauty Boutique pairs with Ontario’s leading injectable nurses to ensure our clients are looking their best! We have dermal filler and neuromodular services including under eye filler, temple treatment,  lip fillercheek fillerbunny lineshand fillercrows feetanti wrinkleface lifts, smokers linefacial and jawline contouring and chin filler.

Dermal Fillers are neuromodulators which soften expression lines of the face by reducing overactive muscle movement. Lip fillers involve small insertions of fluid into the lip to create a plump look. Book with Nurse Jess today!