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The Entrepreneurship Training Course is available for $199. No starter kit is available for this course. A hard copy textbook is available for an additional $49.99.

Entrepreneurship Training Course

A good reputation is one of a beautician’s highest assets. A beautician’s reputation and work environment are based on the actions and behaviors of themselves and who they work with. Honesty, integrity, professionalism and ethical behaviour creates a strong foundation for success. There are several options available for funding your business. Finances should be recorded and well documented throughout Entrepreneurship. A beautician can fund her business themselves, take out a loan or apply for a grant.

Marketing Tips

Social media outlets are great ways to meet new clients and show off your work. Common examples of social media are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. Social media allows you to showcase your work to the public for free. take advantage! Look into sponsored adds and educate yourself on the available options. Display the company logo on all platforms to build brand recognition.

Entrepreneurship Course

The goal of Entrepreneurship is to provide beauticians with introductory business skills to succeed. By having a foundation of business development and marketing, a beautician can avoid expensive mistakes and have a greater return on profits. This guide covers topics such as ethics, professionalism, calendars, Google, SEO, marketing and website development. Above all else, learn and practice ethical behaviour and professionalism.

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Please remember that if you ever have any questions or require additional training, do not hesitate to contact us. We want to make sure you are comfortable and confident in your skills, and that you are always eager to learn and improve.

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Entrepreneurship Training
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