Coupon Bingo to Boost Niagara’s Economy

Entrepreneurs Promote Local Businesses With Marketing Campaign

Niagara Falls, ON: Today, The National Association of Estheticians, a group of beauty entrepreneurs are launching a new marketing campaign to re-boost the Niagara Falls economy after Covid-19 closures. The campaign, called Coupon Bingo, is set to release 1000 bingo cards September 1st, filled with 36 local coupons and may become a new monthly bingo game.

Kalleigh Sharp (left) and Makayla Rogerson holding the September issue of Coupon Bingo.

The coupons in the bingo game are local and diverse. Customers will see discounts on beauty services, shops, food, gyms, entertainment, and restaurants. Participating businesses will receive an influx of new customers, 20 bingo cards and ad space which is shared to over a 50,000 online network. Some of the participating businesses include Irwin Boxing, Making Waves Beauty and R House Modeling & Consulting.

Niagara Falls is specifically reliant on  summer tourism which has been delayed due to covid-19. Businesses like “Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Theater” has already closed. Kalleigh Sharp, CEO of the National Association of Estheticians introduced a free ad specialty space for any businesses who cannot afford the $100 registration fee but still want to participate in the marketing campaign. “This is a unique way to make spending money fun again. It promotes a variety of services and fields. It has prizes for the consumer as well.”- Kalleigh Sharp.

Businesses interested in the program are asked to contact the campaign coordinators Kalleigh Sharp or Makayla Rogerson at for more information.

About the National Association of Estheticians:

The National Association of Estheticians is a new and upcoming beauty school in St. Catharines, ON. Run by local entrepreneurs Kalleigh Sharp and Marysa Reid, they have paired with a variety of estheticians to create a unique and dynamic school. Some include Makayla Rogerson, NV Beauty Boutique, Making Waves Beauty, R House, Face of Face, Bella Vita Injectables and other professionals to introduce top beauty courses to the Greater Niagara Area.