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October 2021
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The National Association of Estheticians Beauty School
289-968-2028 | [email protected] | 255 Church St., St. Catharines |
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Beauty School Fall Internship | OPEN

The National Association of Estheticians is looking for summer interns at the St. Catharines beauty school location.The National Association of Estheticians is a beauty business which sells training courses and services from lash extensions, waxing, sugaring, spray tan, hair extensions, brow lamination, microblading, lash lifts, manicures and pedicures ect. We have openings for our part time summer interns from September – December 1st. After completing 4 months of shadowing and interning the volunteer is eligible for 1 free beauty course and 1 free beauty tool kit. We look forward to all applicants.[email protected]

P/T 16h a week
$100 bonus a month

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Commercial Beauty Stations for Rent | Hold Your Spot

Commercial Space for Rent $300-$500 Beauty Beds, Semi-Private, Shared Space Furnished/ Unfurnished at 255 Church St., St. Catharines[email protected] The National Association of Estheticians
Come book a tour at our beautiful beauty hub! Commercial rental space available starting at $300+HST

To rent text 289-969-0633
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No More Covid Hair! | Hairstyling & Extensions

Hey ladies! I offer FREE phone consultations for extensions 2899690633
Includes remy Brazilian human hair extensions, installment, blending, layering, curling or straightening.• Ultra premium Bellami also available with separate pricing. Types of Installment:
Tape in: Good for first time clients because easy to install and reinstall 1-3 months
Fusion: long lasting, hides well, flexible 4-6 months
Microlink: can sometimes fall out but minimal damages 1-3 month
Nanoring: petite beads, slippage 1-3 months
Mobile Consults $20 Phone Consults Free (book in as an appointment within the next 24 hours and I will call them to go over more info)
STC location Consults Free (book in as appointment) *Takes 1-2 weeks for hair to come
Approximate pricing:
50 grams
14” $180
16” $200
18” $220
20” $240
22” $260
24” $280
100 grams
14” $280
16” $300
18” $320
20” $340
22” $360
24” $380
150 grams
14” $380
16” $400
18” $420
20” $440
22” $460

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A Letter from the Owner, Kalleigh Sharp
Hello everyone! I just came back from Amalfi, Italy and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Firstly, NO ONE has lash extensions in Italy! I couldn’t believe it. They all have gorgeous full hair and beautiful tans though<3 I went for two weeks while the glam squad held down beauty school>
Warm Regards,

Kalleigh Sharp
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255 Church Street St. Catharines

This Week at The National Association of Estheticians | St. Catharines Beauty School

The National Association of Estheticians Niagara Beauty Agency


289-968-2028 | [email protected] | 255 Church St., St. Catharines | The National Association of Estheticians is hosting free consults for your beauty needs!
Training Courses
Lash Extensions Lash Lifts Microblading Brow Lamination, Lift and Tint Hair Extensions
Hair Cutting and Styling
Manicures and Pedicures
Spray Tanning
Waxing Body Sugaring

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The Nail Technician Course is now OPEN!

Learn about nail theory, anatomy, acrylic, dip, shellac and much more with our manicure and pedicure program.



The National Association of Estheticians provides a hands on lash extension training program with 18 hours of practical training. Our lash lift program is available in person or fully online.

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Botox and injectables with your favorite cosmetic injector nurse Jess at 905-351-7433 [email protected]

Cosmetic Nurse Injector Jess


Brittany is one of our NEW cosmetologists! Book with her today for sugaring hair removal. Available for men, children and women. Facial, eyebrows, arms, underarms, bikini and legs. [email protected]

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Have you heard? The National Association of Estheticians is renting out daily and monthly space. Private or shared rooms, floor space, sanitization space. Join the quickest growing beauty network!

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Lindsay is our lead hair stylist at the National Association of Estheticians. Get your hair cut, styled or dyed with Linsday located inside 255 Church street, St. Catharines!


The National Association of Estheticians has daily and monthly space available for rent. Find out about all rental options by contacting Kalleigh at [email protected] to book a FREE tour!

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Karla’s becoming one of the top Niagara Eyelash Artists

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Book Karla for this amazing lash look at @beautyxkarla/Volume Lashes just in time for this beautiful babes bday and she’s all set to celebrate , just take a look at those amazing nails too thooo 🤤 @nailsby.yenis for only the best 🔥💅🏽#happybirthday

Karla is a cosmetology, entrepreneur and boss babe. She’s personable and always has a smile on her face. Karla ensures her clients feel comfortable and conducts herself in a professional manner.

Book with Karla today at the National Association of Esthetician for Eyelash extensions, lash lifts, brow lamination and training.

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Pink News! Spotlight: The Road to Becoming a Beautician, Kalleigh Sharp

Pink News! Spotlight: The Road to Becoming a Beautician, Kalleigh Sharp

I grew up knowing that I was supposed to get good grades, get into university, and get a great job. If not, my mother was not to let me hear the end of it. She always wanted me to be able to take care of myself, no matter what.

I got into the university of Guelph right from high school with my degree in Sociology. I knew my final year was crunch time so I worked three jobs while in school and volunteered in the community. The problem was, once I graduated, I owed over $40, 000 in student debt. Shouldn’t be a problem when you have a degree right? Well, at that time, you either needed more school after your degree, or you can start making $18 an hour to pay for your debt, rent, car, bills and living expenses. The government calculated that it should take 10 years to pay off a basic four-year degree. Ffs.

I was only 22 at the time and I worked as hard as I could to get my debt down- for years. I tried everything… I worked double jobs, as a server, community support and even tried hustling to pay for everything. I was spreading myself thin and was not enjoying my twenties at all. I lost my financial independence and found myself depressed, anxious and eventually wrapped up in a mess of domestic violence.

When I was going through the abuse, I felt like I was trash. When you’re told over and over that you’re stupid, worthless, or might as well kill yourself, it takes a toll on your self esteem. I was told that he liked blondes, so the second my dark roots started to show, I would get all my hair bleached. This pattern causes breakage and now I had short, damaged blonde hair. The only thing that sucks more than being broke is being broke and having bad hair. So, I got my hair extensions in, got my lashes done and my brows done, and I felt like I could handle anything. They say look good, feel good, right?

At 25 I finally hit my rock bottom. I knew that if something didn’t change, I was either going to become an alcoholic or dead. I wasn’t spending time with friends or family and the depression took over my life. I laid on my couch, staring at the wall, and told myself that it is going to have to change now. I turned to God and prayed an S.O.S. in fixing this mess.

I began socializing with my friends, family, and community again. I went to cognitive behavioural therapy and moved back home for a bit. I applied for entry level jobs and eventually got certified as a beautician for hair extensions, lashes and microblading. I knew how great I felt when I was glammed up and wanted to give that feeling to other women. At first it was difficult to build my client list, so I traveled all over for them. I didn’t have a car, so I took Ubers and public transit to get the job done. I was staying with my friend so I had to be considerate of when I book clients at my place. But at least when I did get a client, I was profiting $200 for a 3-hour appointment.  Sure enough, as time went by, I was able to build my clients, keep returning clients, make friends with other beauticians, work with their clients, and pay off all my debt.

I learned that when you don’t have financial freedom, it’s hard to really enjoy life to the fullest. It’s difficult to say “yes” to adventures and traveling when you’re trying to be financially responsible. I want to help other women get full time jobs without having to take on the debt. I really like working with a female dominated industry because I personally feel more comfortable around them. We created a full, 23 course training program for beauticians across Ontario. If you’re looking for a side hussle or full time job, try being a beautician. Working with new friends, getting free services, meeting new people and making money is just the tip of the iceberg. What’s holding you back from achieving your dream today? Apply now into the National Association of Estheticians by contacting us at [email protected] or give us a call at 289-968-2028.

If you are a victim of domestic violence and are looking for help please visit If you are a victim of domestic violence and are looking for financial security, contact Kalleigh at [email protected] to enroll in our free scholarship, back on track program.

The Back on Track Program – Goals, Glowing and Growing

Goals, Glowing and Growing is designed to give all sorts of tips and tricks on finances and goal setting! It is the FREE textbook for The Back on Track Program. Make your vision a reality today. Outline goals, plan and achieve, together. Work with the business owners directly! We are here to support all #girlbosses! Find out all about saving money, getting a car, license, home, education, self-esteem, volunteering and much more! Work with our entrepreneurs in this unique workshop program today. Feel free to borrow a copy of Goals, Glowing and Growing to see if the program is for you!

To enroll in the Back on Track Program, contact Kalleigh at The National Association of Estheticians. We look forward to meeting you!

The National Association of Estheticians is EXPANDING! We have 15 spaces available for rent!!

The National Association of Estheticians is EXPANDING!

Join the hottest beauty team today! Space available for rent, promo package and perks <3


Are you ready to join a network of beauticians who all compliment each other’s skills?

Are you tired of working from home  and want to utilize an affordable space?

Do you want to get 50% off all beauty services you can imagine?

Then it’s time to join the National Association of Estheticians!

Receive floorspace, NAE membership, unlimited referrals, and advertising in Niagara Region’s hottest up and coming beauty school and beauty bar! Thorold and St. Catharines locations!!

The best place to sublet beauty space in the Greater Niagara Area           Starting at $500 +HST/month

We have 15 spaces available for rent!!

Choose between:

  • Main floor space
  • Private Rooms furnished/unfurnished
  • Shared Rooms
  • Injectables Room
  • Niagara (Thorold) Beauty Bar Location
  • St. Catharines Church Street Beauty School Location
  • Mobile or salon appointments
  • Public health approved
  • Cleaners
  • Sanitization Station
  • Sinks everywhere
  • Washrooms
  • Month by month or long-term contracts negotiable

PLUS Association of Estheticians promo package (over $1000 value)                                                      

  • Join the largest beauty network
  • Unlimited client referrals mobile and at location
  • 50% off all beauty courses and training programs
  • 50% off all esthetic services within the association
  • Modeling traffic with Makayla Rogerson and R House modelling consulting
  • Ontario Beauty Agency Advertising on social media and website platforms
  • Pink NEWS! Largest Niagara beauty print newsletter monthly ads space

Positions available for:

  1. Estheticians
  2. Medical aestheticians
  3. Hair stylists and hair extension artists
  4. Makeup artists
  5. Massage therapists
  6. Spray tan artists
  7. Teeth whitening artists
  8. Eyelash artists
  9. Brow artists microblading and brow lamination
  10. Waxing and sugaring artists
  11. Laser hair removal technicians
  12. Nail artists
  13. Skin and facial therapy
  14. Tattoo artists
  15. Injectable nurses

This reputable, established beauty agency is taking off and we are looking for boss babes who are ready to rock the beauty industry together and empower each other.

To apply, candidates are asked to submit their first and last name, business name, list of skills and qualifications to [email protected].


We got the INSIDE SCOOP from Washington D.C., the U.S. capital. Check out our 6 burning questions with Legislative Analyst and Federal Lobbyist for UnidosUS, the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the U.S., Bayly Hassell!

Bayly Hassell staffed Joe Biden and other Democratic candidates at her organizations annual conference in San Diego, Summer 2019. NV Beauty Boutique | Pink NEWS!

1. Hey Bayly, how has quarantine impacted your beauty routine?

Washington D.C. shut down mid-March and enforced strict stay at home orders shortly thereafter. What many of us believed would be just weeks of isolation soon became months with no end date in sight.

In any other year, this would be the peak of gala and events season; I would be booking hair appointments and dressing in formal wear to attend White House Correspondents Dinner parties, receptions on Capitol Hill, and political fundraisers. With an abundance of time to overthink and reminisce in the months of quarantine, I realized that much of my beauty routine has typically been dictated and informed by in-person interactions; work functions, evenings out with friends, and the highly publicized and professionally photographed events that generally take place this time of year.

My beauty routine in the so-called “new normal” has been more for myself and a notably less time-consuming endeavor. After a month or so into the lockdown, when most of us realized we would be staying at home for the near future, my routine became more self-care oriented. I’ve mostly been sampling new face and skin products, trying different face masks, taking long baths, and experimenting with makeup techniques.

2. John Bolton just released his book on Donald Trump. Do you think is claims about the president are factual? What are your thoughts on his book?

Having read portions of “The Room Where it Happened” along with interviews from credible journalists and news outlets, I do believe Bolton’s claims are factual. Exposés of the dysfunctional inner workings of the Trump Administration have become relatively routine and garner interest and plenty of profit for the book business and ousted Trump staff alike. Similarly, and unsurprisingly, Bolton’s book reiterates many of the shocking stories that have already circulated and reinforces the prevailing narrative of disorder, dangerous decision making, and general rashness and immaturity that have defined the Trump administration.

While most of the book is devoted to Bolton’s highly detailed accounts of exchanges, incidents, and critical political moments, Bolton’s book is mostly, in my opinion, a monument to his own grandiosity and self-importance. While his latest book has confirmed rumors and verified what many have suspected, I doubt it will sway Trump’s most fervent followers. It may however (and hopefully), dissuade moderate Republicans from supporting Trump’s re-election this November.

3. BLM movement is nationwide. What events took place in Washington for Juneteenth?

A number of organizations hosted marches and numerous informal demonstrations took place throughout D.C. I marched in the Black Lives Matter Plaza in front of the White House and a number of friends attended events at the U.S. Capitol. Two of our professional basketball teams, The Mystics and Wizards, also led a highly publicized march.

4. Who will you endorse for the 2020 election and why?

Joe Biden all the way! My top picks for Vice President are Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Kamala Harris. America cannot afford another four years of this administration and I think my country, along with the rest of the world, is eager to see credible and effective leadership in the White House again.

5. How are protests and/or riots affecting your everyday life?

I live in downtown D.C. in the historic U Street Corridor. The White House is just several blocks south and, as you may have seen, this area has been the epicenter and focal point of most of the demonstrations. Every single day for the past several weeks there has been protests and demonstrations, some violent, but mostly peaceful and unifying. The newly christened Black Lives Matter Plaza, directly in front of the White House, continues to be occupied by activists, signs, flags, banners, and tables where volunteers distribute free food and drinks along with masks and sanitizers; the mere act of walking through my neighborhood has been an entirely different experience.

I am also close to a police station and Malcolm X Park, which has been a gathering place for activists. The National Guard and police have been on every corner, often – and alarmingly – heavily armed. Having lived downtown for 6 years, I have grown accustomed to seeing and hearing Presidential motorcades as well as Marine One, the President’s helicopter. A number of additional helicopters have been routinely monitoring the area, sometimes hovering disturbingly low. The heightened police presence has been unnerving to say the least and utterly dystopian, like something from an Orwell or Atwood novel. 

As a civil rights lobbyist, I have participated in many peaceful protests and work with numerous progressive organizations that support and advance the BLM movement; so, activism and advocating for equality was already a constant in my day to day life. Over the past few weeks, it has been heartening and inspiring to see thousands of more people from all walks of life gathering to march, engage in meaningful dialogue, dance in the streets, and come together in this critical moment for our nation.

6. Melania, Ivanka and Kayleigh always look great. Who leads the political office in fashion trends?

Speaker of the House and the most powerful woman in America, Nancy Pelosi!  The photo on the left of me and Madam Speaker was taken at a Democratic fundraiser for Members of Congress.   Nancy Pelosi even makes face masks look chic! I have worked and collaborated her and her staff on countless issues, both in my time working in Congress and now as a federal obbyist and political advisor of my organization’s Political Action Committee (PAC).

Text Box: Nancy Pelosi (left) with Bayly Hassell
Nancy PElosi (left) with

Thank you, boss babe Bayly for the 411 on the historic shift happening in the United States of America! That is our top story at Pink NEWS!

Nancy Pelosi fab in facemasks

Indigenous Sponsorship Programs for Educational Development | Beauty School

Indigenous Sponsorship Programs for Educational Development | Beauty School

[email protected]

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“This is an opportunity to even out the playing field.” – Kalleigh Sharp

The National Association of Estheticians is working with several groups which sponsor indigenous communities. The Grand River Employment and Training (right) provides opportunities for minorities.

Grand River Employment and Training (GREAT)-

Text Box: Figure 1 Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre
The Grand River Employment and Training

GREAT has access to a skilled labor force of 13,837 Six Nations Members living on reserve and in various urban centers through an extensive database. GREAT has several programs for First Nation Communities!

Snuneymuxw First Nation – 

A house that has a sign on the side of a building

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Snuneymuxw First Nation

The Snuneymuxw are a vibrant First Nation of the Coast Salish People, located in the center of Coast Salish territory on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the Fraser River in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Fort Erie Native friendship center –

The Fort Erie Native Friendship Center

The Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre has a rich history which includes reestablishing our traditions and culture. Visit their website to find out which programs pertain to you!

Coupon Bingo to Boost Niagara’s Economy

Entrepreneurs Promote Local Businesses With Marketing Campaign

Niagara Falls, ON: Today, The National Association of Estheticians, a group of beauty entrepreneurs are launching a new marketing campaign to re-boost the Niagara Falls economy after Covid-19 closures. The campaign, called Coupon Bingo, is set to release 1000 bingo cards September 1st, filled with 36 local coupons and may become a new monthly bingo game.

Kalleigh Sharp (left) and Makayla Rogerson holding the September issue of Coupon Bingo.

The coupons in the bingo game are local and diverse. Customers will see discounts on beauty services, shops, food, gyms, entertainment, and restaurants. Participating businesses will receive an influx of new customers, 20 bingo cards and ad space which is shared to over a 50,000 online network. Some of the participating businesses include Irwin Boxing, Making Waves Beauty and R House Modeling & Consulting.

Niagara Falls is specifically reliant on  summer tourism which has been delayed due to covid-19. Businesses like “Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Theater” has already closed. Kalleigh Sharp, CEO of the National Association of Estheticians introduced a free ad specialty space for any businesses who cannot afford the $100 registration fee but still want to participate in the marketing campaign. “This is a unique way to make spending money fun again. It promotes a variety of services and fields. It has prizes for the consumer as well.”- Kalleigh Sharp.

Businesses interested in the program are asked to contact the campaign coordinators Kalleigh Sharp or Makayla Rogerson at [email protected] for more information.

About the National Association of Estheticians:

The National Association of Estheticians is a new and upcoming beauty school in St. Catharines, ON. Run by local entrepreneurs Kalleigh Sharp and Marysa Reid, they have paired with a variety of estheticians to create a unique and dynamic school. Some include Makayla Rogerson, NV Beauty Boutique, Making Waves Beauty, R House, Face of Face, Bella Vita Injectables and other professionals to introduce top beauty courses to the Greater Niagara Area.

Pink NEWS! Featuring National Association of Estheticians and Makayla Official!

Ontario’s Hottest Newsletter Pink NEWS!

Pink NEWS! Is super excited to be working with @rhouseinc and @makaylarofficial to bring amazing COVER GIRLS and beauty tips!!!

[email protected] for YOUR FREE COPY!

Pink NEWS! and the National Association of Estheticians

Pink NEWS! and the National Association of Estheticians

Pink NEWS! is Ontario’s up and coming hottest newsletter for beauticians, models and clients! We want to make sure you know all the best deals, discounts, beauty tips and tricks! Pink NEWS! is always looking for new talent to be featured on our monthly newsletter. We love having new talent and girlbosses share their story. To subscribe to Pink NEWS! email [email protected].

Makayla Official and R House Modeling Consultations

Makayla Official owns Niagara’s best modeling consulting R House. We’re super excited to be working closing with Makayla and R House by pairing models with beauticians. A perfect dream come true! We enjoy working with local entrepreneurs because they give a fresh and whole new perspective on business! Find out more at [email protected]

Follow the best in Niagara>>> @rhouseinc
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